Top Microwave Without Turntable in 2022

Almost all the microwaves come with a glass turntable. However, some people like me prefer a clean and sleek microwave without a turntable.

I hate the turntable for various reasons, like it just takes so much space, makes it harder to clean the microwave, etc.

Hence it led me to research the best microwaves out there that come without a turntable or have no glass turntable.

So if you are looking for microwaves without turntables to have a smooth and incredible cooking experience, good news I have done the hard work for you.

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of microwave without turntable so you can easily choose a microwave according to your needs with having extra space along with easy cleaning and many more.

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Is it safe to use a microwave without a turntable?

Wondering whether or not the microwave can work without a turntable or is it safe. Then the answer is Yes, it is entirely safe to use a microwave with a turntable, as the only work of a turntable is to ensure that the food gets cooked evenly from every angle as there are some meals with odd shapes that require additional attention to be able to get heated evenly but with the microwaves as mentioned above, you will get the even cooking without the turntable.

So yeah, you can use the microwave without any problem, and if by chance you feel the extra effort is required in cooking, you can always manually turn the food inside the microwave to get it cooked properly.

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How do microwaves without turntables work?

Microwaves without turntables work like any other microwave in the market, except they don’t possess the turntable and are not required to have one.

Because they use a stirrer system, the stirrer is usually at the top behind the microwave surface, which distributes the heat evenly inside the microwave to cook the food instead of using a turntable.

As the heat gets evenly distributed without the food or glass turntable moving around, it prevents food from spilling and facilitates quick and easy cleaning.

Why should I buy a microwave without a turntable?

There are numerous reasons to consider buying a microwave without a turntable. The number one is the ease in cleaning, as there is no turntable, you don’t have to be extra cautious about anything; you can clean it without any headaches.

Another reason is that you get extra space without a turntable; nothing can occupy any room inside the microwave, which provides an additional area for more food.

You can rest assured about the spilling of any food there as nothing is moving around inside the microwave without turntable.

6 Best Microwaves without Turntable

Panasonic  NE-1054F

Best Commercial-Grade Microwave Without Turntable

microwave oven without turntable

The Panasonic Consumer NE-1054F is the overall best microwave without a turntable. This microwave comes without a turntable, so there are no worries about spilling food while cooking.

Cooking is faster due to the bottom energy feed system. As there is no turntable in the microwave, the distance is lesser between food and the microwave surface, resulting in faster cooking.

Being a heavy-duty commercial grade microwave with 1000 watts of power and 0.8-cu. Ft. capacity this microwave is suitable for your large family and can efficiently cope with heavy tasks.

When it comes to cleaning the microwave, it gets cleaned easily both from inside as there is no turntable to get in your way while cleaning as well as from outside due to the stainless steel exterior.

Sharp Medium-Duty Microwave Without Glass Turntable

best microwave without turntable

Inspired by convenience, ease of use, and simplicity, this microwave consists of a dial control for setting the cooking time of up to 6 minutes.

The 1.0 cu. ft. capacity combined with 1000-Watts should serve your entire family some delicious meals that too faster as there is no turntable included, which results in faster cooking.

The thing that I find quite interesting in this microwave without a turntable is that it offers an Auto-Cancel timer which automatically cancels the remaining time set at the time of cooking as soon as the door gets opened, which saves energy.

When it comes to maintenance, the microwave has stainless steel exterior, which besides giving a standout look, is solid and sturdy as compared to others.

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Panasonic NE-1025F Compact Microwave

flatbed microwave

The Compact Countertop Microwave is perfect for a small kitchen as it occupies very little space, and the good thing is it comes without a turntable so make your cooking experience seamless.

You get fast and quick cooking with the bottom energy feed system installed in it in which heat travels faster in the microwave to reach the food being cooked due to less space between actual food and the microwave surface.

You get 1000 watts of power supply and an 0.8-cu. Ft. capacity with this microwave that is sufficient for a medium to a large family. For convenient usage, a traditional dial knob is also there, which you can use to set the cooking time according to your preference.

Compared to others, the microwave offers an interior light and a clear see-through door with stainless steel handle along with Anti-Theft Protection to keep it safe and secure.

Amana No Turntable Microwave

no turntable microwave

Those who prefer a microwave without a glass turntable that is simple to operate is suitable for day-to-day household usage, and is made of premium quality should look at Amana RMS10DS Light-Duty Commercial Microwave.

Keeping simplicity in mind, you get a traditional dial control for setting the cooking time.
Alongside 1000-Watts of cooking energy and a spacious 0.8 cu. Ft capacity it has sufficient space and power to cook meals for a big family.

What I like the most is the build of this microwave. It has stainless steel exterior and interior, which makes it ideal for easy cleaning, and yes, don’t forget there is no turntable, so nothing will come in your way while cleaning the inside of the oven.

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Sharp Microwave Oven

microwave without glass turntable

Sharp Medium-Duty Commercial Microwave without turntable is the best flatbed microwave in my opinion that can last longer than the rest of the microwaves.

The reason being the microwave body is made up of stainless steel, and by the body, I mean the interior, the exterior, and the door. It gives the microwave an edge over the rest of the microwaves.

The 1 cubic feet capacity with 1000 watts of power output can prepare the foods for a handful of people with any issue.

Offering 20 memory pads, you can easily program the power level and cooking time according to your preference.
Due to no turntable and stainless steel interior, the cleaning is so simple and hassle-free. Also, a defrost mode is there for doing periodic bursts of power for quickly defrosting your desired foods.

Midea Equipment Microwave Oven

best microwave without turntable

The Midea Countertop Microwave is an underrated microwave without a turntable, in my opinion, and you might not have even heard about it.

I say this microwave is a perfect choice for medium household work as it’s powered with 1000 Watts of Cooking power alongside 0. 9 cu. Ft. capacity for cooking the foods.

It Features an Auto-Reset function; the cooking automatically gets reset when the microwave door is opened. Cleaning is hassle-free; all credit goes to its stainless steel interior and exterior, which allows users to clean it without an issue at all.

With the knob, you can set the desired time manually by rotating the mechanical turn dial control. And not to mention the easy-to-grab handle door, which provides additional convenience while operating the microwave.

In terms of quality, this microwave, as made for commercial usage, can easily withstand most of the heavy tasks and harsh conditions around it.


I hope after reading this post you now have found a reliable microwave without turntable for your kitchen.

In a nutshell this article has covered all about the best microwave without turntable that you can find in the market today!

In case you have any suggestions or queries ask them in the comment section below.