Best 4 Microwaves with Steam Cooking Function

Microwaves with steam cooking function have gained a reputation for offering a way of ultra-healthy food, people are now preferring healthy diet more than ever. Steam cooking can be very convenient and energy-efficient.

Microwave ovens that have a steam cooking function are fairly new to the market, so it can be hard to shop around for a good choice.

This led me to research for the best microwave with a Steam cooking function that can easily steam vegetables, fishes and others foods. Having one can immensely improve your cooking experience as well as your health.

That Being said, let’s look at some microwaves with steam cooking functions to help you with steaming your favorite food.

Not all microwaves offer such functions directly, though there are some that work flawlessly in the steaming task and are far better than others.

Top 4 Microwaves with Steam Function

Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN686S

If you are looking for a more advanced kind of microwave that can offer you the steam cooking function and is compact then the Panasonic Microwave Oven might be the right choice for you.

You get the option to Braise, Poach, and steam the vegetables to preserve their minerals along with other essential nutrients.

The 1200-Watt of power is sufficient to handle heavy steaming and cooking tasks, and 1.2-cubic-foot capacity is spacious to prepare meals for several people at once.

As I said earlier, this is advanced; hence you get Smart Cooking Settings alongside a Genius Sensor which automatically adjusts the cooking time and the temperature for different types of foods.

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Toshiba  Smart Countertop Microwave

The Toshiba Smart Countertop Microwave is for those who want to eliminate the guesswork while steaming vegetables and other foods. It includes a Built-in Humidity Sensor that will automatically adjust the cooking or steaming time. Hence, you get the most suitable result.

Not to mention this microwave with steam cooking also offers a sound-off option which you can use to make it quiet and turn off beep noise and enjoy your cooking peacefully.

Keeping other features aside, what makes this microwave stand out from the crowd is the Eco-mode and Alexa integration. Eco-mode helps to save energy significantly, and you can also use Alexa with this microwave which is unique about this microwave.

For convenience in cooking, the microwave includes 23 Preset Menus for foods like pizza, vegetables, etc.

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Panasonic  4-in-1 Microwave Oven

Panasonic 4-in-1 Microwave Oven might be the choice for you to steam the vegetables without any issue and what’s more interesting is it also features Steam Clean mode which you can use to clean up the interior odor.

It also has a sensor that measures and automatically adjusts the time and temperature according to the steam or humidity.

The 1000 Watts of cooking power and the capacity of 1.2 Cubic Feet can prepare food for a medium to a large family.

You get an Air fry, Broiler, and Convection functions all in one place, so no need to buy these separately. Reheating is done in no time with the 1-Touch Genius Sensor Reheat.

For further convenience, you get 20 Automatic Cook Menu Presets. For getting a crispy texture, you could use the air fryer function in the microwave.

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BLACK+DECKER  Digital Microwave Oven

The Black Decker Digital Microwave is perfect for medium usage or small families who want to steam their veggies and other foods and too on a tight budget.

You won’t have any problem while steam cooking your favorite vegetables and other foods as it is made to withstand even rough usage.

With the 700 Watts of Power alongside 0.7 Cubic Feet Capacity, you can efficiently serve a few people.

Moreover, you get 10 power level settings alongside a 30 Seconds Express Cooking function, enabling you to get your desired cooking result instantly.

In terms of cleaning the stainless steel, the exterior can be easily cleaned and the removable glass turntable will also make cleaning the interior hassle-free for the users.

FAQ’S ( Frequently Asked Question)

What is a steam microwave oven?

A steam microwave oven is basically a type of microwave capable of everyday microwave cooking and steaming vegetables or other foods.

Due to more health consciousness in society, microwaves offering steaming functions are becoming more popular.

This type of microwave can help preserve the essential nutrients available in the vegetables, which, if cooked, gets reduced or even depletes completely.

Are steam microwaves any good?

This mighty be subjective to say whether they are good or not as it depends upon the user’s requirement. If you prefer steaming vegetables or anything else, then yes, steam microwaves are good.

While if you don’t bother about such a feature in a microwave or just want it for regular usage, then it might not interest you and is not suitable.

Can I use a microwave to steam?

Of course, you can use a microwave to steam; in fact, some of the microwaves are specially designed with humidity sensors that automatically detect the steam level and adjust the temperature accordingly.

So yes, you can use a microwave to steam the vegetables as per your needs.

Is steaming better than microwaving?

Steaming is better than microwaving for those who want to be healthier and prefer steamed foods and dishes. However, for those desiring simple microwave-cooked food, a microwave with a steam cooking function might not be the ideal choice.