How To Cook Rice In Microwave: Quick and Easy Steps

How to cook rice in microwave

Cooking options used to be limited, but now the time has changed. Compared to a rice cooker, a microwave takes far less time to cook rice. When cooking rice in a cooker, there is a greater chance that rice would burn or become sticky; however, when cooking rice in a microwave, the risks of burning … Read more

How To Steam Potatoes In Microwave: Easy Steps

How to Steam potatoes in microwave

If you are wondering how to steam potatoes in the microwave, this blog is for you. In this high-tech world, we don’t have much time to wait for up to an hour for baked potatoes to be cooked in the oven. Like others, you can also steam potatoes in a microwave, and they will be … Read more

Do Hotels Have Microwaves?

Do hotels have microwaves

Not the majority of the hotels have Microwaves. If you are willing to pay an additional charge, then the hotel may offer you the amenities of a microwave. Are you curious to know why hotel rooms don’t have microwaves? One of the most common reasons hotels don’t have microwaves is that they don’t want their … Read more

Why does butter explode in the microwave?

Why does butter explode in the microwave

Melted butter makes your dish soft and adds a beautiful flavor to your dish. It is quick to make and very easy to use. But the common phenomenon that may have occurred with many people is that when butter is melted in a microwave, it explodes.  If you keep butter in the microwave for a … Read more

What Are The Best Microwave Air Fryer Combo in 2022?

Microwave Air Fryer Combo

Having two separate appliances when you really need one waste a lot of space, money and it can make your kitchen look cluttered. If you’re trying to eat healthier and are limited to your microwave oven’s size and budget, then a Microwave Air Fryer Combo is the way to go. In this article, I have … Read more