5 Best Microwave with Stainless Steel Interior: Top Picks

Microwaves are undoubtedly necessary for your kitchen, though some microwave ovens are more durable and last longer than others and offer additional benefits such as easy cleaning.

Thinking which ones! Well, you’ve guessed it right it’s the microwave with stainless steel interior.

Most of us know the benefits of stainless steel utensils in our kitchen, and the same goes for microwaves.

You will find many microwaves stating they have stainless steel cavity, but here is the catch most of them have stainless steel exterior, not the interior.

In contrast, some only have one side with stainless steel, and the other sides are just painted metal.

To help you find the best stainless steel cavity microwave, I have picked some top units after hours of thorough research that you can consider while searching for the one that suits you the best.

Microwaves with Stainless Steel Interior: Top Picks

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1.Toshiba Countertop Microwave Oven with Stainless Steel Interior

microwave with stainless steel interior

Toshiba has established its name in the microwave market and is known for its Durability, Design, and Quality.

The Toshiba EC042A5C-SS countertop microwave oven comes with a Stylish finish and, most importantly, a stainless steel interior.

Cleaning is convenient and hassle-free due to its stainless steel interior; all you need to do is wipe with a damp cloth with some soap, and then BOOM! There you go – a clean and shiny surface.

Besides easy cleaning, it also offers some additional features like a Pre-programmed sensor menu for getting the best results for common foods like potato, frozen pizza, vegetables, etc.

Offering Versatile Cooking Methods, i.e., Convection Cooking with four auto bakes and auto roast menus, allows a user to cook the food evenly, allowing you to use the utilities of both microwave and convection cooking.

The 1000 watts of cooking power with ten power levels permit users to set the temperature according to their requirements.

Another Cool feature is the Built-in sensor, which automatically adjusts the time and temperature of cooking by detecting its humidity level.


  • Pre-programmed sensor menu
  • Mute Button
  • Convection Cooking


  • Bit Pricey

2.Magic Chef Microwave with Pure Stainless Steel Interior

stainless steel interior microwave oven

Besides the above microwave, this Magic chef oven offers a pure stainless steel interior (why pure! you will soon get to know about it), enabling you to easily clean the microwave with less effort.

In terms of exterior, that too is made with stainless steel, lengthening the life span compared to other microwaves.

The 1000 Watts cooking power is the ideal choice for those looking for an energy-efficient microwave. However, lower watts mean it will take more time in cooking.

When it comes to additional features, it offers an Auto-Defrost option to defrost meat, fish, etc. quickly, and also an auto cook function for your further convenience.

Along with the Child Lock, this microwave ensures your child’s safety.


  • Stainless Steel Inside and Exterior
  • Durability
  • Simple and sleek interface


  • Lack of advanced features

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3. Farberware Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave Oven

microwave having stainless steel interior

The Farberware countertop microwave with stainless steel interior is the correct choice if you are tight on budget and looking for a stainless steel microwave.

There is dark gray painted metal inside, which is not precisely stainless steel; however, it can be cleaned easily, like a stainless steel interior.

With six auto cooking choices alongside an Express Cooking option, the cooking becomes easy and extremely convenient.

It also enables you to defrost the frozen fruits by weight or time, making it an efficient microwave. A Digital display is included to give a convenient user interface.

A child safety lock is also there for kids’ safety.

Long story short, this microwave is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a decent and intelligent microwave. So if you are Ok with the painted metal interior, then you can check it out.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Child lock
  • LED Display
  • Express cooking


  • Painted Metal Interior

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4.Sharp Stainless Steel Countertop 1200 Watt Microwave Oven

microwave stainless steel interior

With 1200 watts of cooking power alongside ten power levels, this microwave allows you to cook the food properly by giving you the ability to adjust the power.

Besides giving an elegant look, the blue LED display also improves visibility, making it convenient and easy to use.

Cooking is explicit and brisk with the 6 sensors preset, which automatically adjusts the cooking time according to the food.

An additional feature is present in this oven: a convenient Melt/Soften option that comes in handy while dealing with ice cream, chocolate, butter, etc.

An auto defrost feature is there for defrosting your frozen food automatically, either weight or by time.


  • 1200 watts of cooking power
  • Option to Melt/Soften
  • Auto Defrost
  • Sensor Cook

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5.GE Countertop Microwave – Premium Stainless Steel Microwave 

microwave oven with stainless steel interior

While searching for an over-the-range microwave with stainless steel interior, I found this GE Profile microwave oven which seems to be the most pleasing one out of all.

The microwave’s Stainless steel interior makes it easier for you to clean and saves both effort and time while doing so.

With 800W of cooking power, power levels, and sensor cooking, GE’s microwave ensures the user’s maximum convenience.



  • 800 watts of cooking power
  • Sensor Cooking
  • Sensor Cook


  • Less additional features

So Are Stainless Steel Microwaves better than a Normal Microwave oven?

steel interior microwave

Of course, they are better than a standard microwave because stainless steel is more durable, can be easily cleaned, and doesn’t absorb any odor, which means it Keeps foul smell miles away.

Besides these features, a microwave with a stainless steel interior gives a much premium look and feel, and also it adds a significant look to the kitchen.

Though you can use a regular microwave, it will lack the features mentioned earlier as these are only available with microwaves having a stainless steel interior. Furthermore, you can rest assured of a stainless steel microwave’s lifespan, as they usually last for a decade if maintained properly.

Microwave With Stainless Steel Interior: Summary!

I have selected the microwave with stainless steel interior out of so many available options and have positioned them based on their price and features.

The overall winner is the Toshiba countertop microwave oven and the runner-ups are Magic Chef and Farberware countertop microwave oven.

The microwave with stainless steel interior can make a significant improvement in your kitchen. Due to the stainless steel, the above-mentioned microwaves can be cleaned easily, will not absorb any cooking smell, and will last longer than normal ones.