How To Cook Rice In Microwave: Quick and Easy Steps

Cooking options used to be limited, but now the time has changed. Compared to a rice cooker, a microwave takes far less time to cook rice.

When cooking rice in a cooker, there is a greater chance that rice would burn or become sticky; however, when cooking rice in a microwave, the risks of burning and becoming sticky are less.

So do you want your rice to turn out perfectly every time you cook using a microwave? If so, this article is for you.

By following the straightforward instructions mentioned in this post, you can prepare rice easily using a microwave.

So let’s get started!

Things Needed to Cook Rice in the Microwave

Raw Rice
Safety microwave bowl

Cooking Rice Using a Microwave

  1. Rinsing the rice under the faucet is the first step in the microwave rice cooking process. It is crucial to rinse the rice as it removes starch, and there are fewer chances of rice becoming sticky. Don’t forget to shake the colander so that the extra water from the rice will also be removed.
  2. In this step, you have to measure the ratio of rice to the water. For example: if you take 2 cups of rice, you can use 375ml of water for each cup.
  3. Now it’s time to place your rice bowl with water inside the microwave with a timer of around 10 minutes at the highest level. 
  4. After the duration of 10 minutes, switch the microwave to low heat and heat for another 15 minutes by covering the rice. 
  5. Give the rice five minutes to cool when it has finished cooking in the microwave.
  6. Now rice is ready to serve, but gently fluff it with a fork to give it some texture before eating.
  7. Microwave the rice for an extra one minutes if necessary to make it more eatable if it is still a touch crunchy.

How to Cook Brown Rice in the Microwave

Brown rice is quick and simple to prepare for dinner by microwave. In comparison to white rice, brown rice has fewer calories and is a better source of fibre and micronutrients. Let’s look at how we can cook brown rice in the microwave.

Things Required For Cooking Brown Rice in the Microwave

Little water
Safety microwave bowl
A lid or plate

Cooking Brown Rice Using a Microwave

  1. First, you have to rinse the rice with cold water as it will remove the dirt and debris from the rice.
  2. You have to mix water in the brown rice; the ideal ratio of water to rice is 2:1. So add 2 cups (600 ml) of water to 1 cup (300 grams) of brown rice.
  3. Now, put the rice in the microwave for around 10 minutes and cover it with a lid or plate. 
  4. In this step, you have to leave rice for 5 minutes in the microwave as it will allow the rice to absorb the water.
  5. Now check if brown rice is ready to serve. If the rice is still a bit firm, cook it for two more minutes with the lid on. You can also add a little water if necessary.

Useful Tips For Cooking Rice Using a Microwave

Avoid adding too much water; the rice will become soggy, while fewer water results in dry rice. Two cups of water for every cup of rice is the ideal ratio, although you can change this based on your microwave.

Always use a large container that is large enough to hold the rice after the rice expands. 

Never leave cooked rice out for longer than an hour since even cooked rice contains bacteria spores that can cause food poisoning.

While using a microwave, you should avoid worrying about stirring the rice.

Always use a safe microwave bowl for cooking rice. 

Use a microwave-safe bowl with a vent-equipped lid. If you don’t have a lid, then you can also use a plate or plastic wrap.

It is recommended to let your rice soak in water for 30 minutes before cooking if you want a better texture.

Can you freeze cooked rice?

Yes, you can freeze cooked rice, and it can be saved for another meal. It is advised to consume it within two weeks of freezing for the greatest flavor. As cooked rice contains a lot of water, the texture of frozen rice can vary, but the flavor remains the same. 

Storage of rice is very easy just by using a covered container, and you can refrigerate it for up to 4 days. Cooked rice can easily be frozen either in a plastic container or plastic bag. In fact, rice can be frozen for up to 6 months.

Is cooking rice using a microwave safe?

Yes, cooking rice with a microwave is completely safe. Always use a container that is suited for the microwave, and follow the microwave instructions on the box. 

In fact, microwave cooking is one of the healthiest meal preparation methods. It swiftly cooks food while retaining more nutrients than traditional cooking techniques. When cooked in the microwave, veggies lose fewer nutrients than when they are boiled on the stove.

Final Thoughts

So that’s all we have for you today. Rice can be quickly cooked in the microwave, but for it to be fluffy and ready to eat, it needs particular water and the right amount of water to rice.

However, we recommend you avoid reheating rice more than once due as there are more chances of bacteria growth there. In light of this, you can safely microwave rice and consume it hot.

By just following the above steps and instructions, rice can be quickly prepared in a microwave and is ready to be served in under twenty minutes. Enjoy your cooking!