Do Hotels Have Microwaves?

Not the majority of the hotels have Microwaves. If you are willing to pay an additional charge, then the hotel may offer you the amenities of a microwave.

Are you curious to know why hotel rooms don’t have microwaves?

One of the most common reasons hotels don’t have microwaves is that they don’t want their customers to bring in outside food. 

Customers will definitely use the hotel microwave to reheat the outside food, which is one of the most frequent excuses given by hotels for why they don’t have microwaves.

However, there are other factors, such as safety considerations, added expense, and additional maintenance, why hotels might not offer microwaves.

The mess related to the microwave will create additional costs for the hotel to clean. The inclusion of a microwave in a hotel room is not subject to any laws at the moment, and that’s why hotels are free to select the amenities they would like to offer.

How do microwaves work?

A microwave is an electric oven that uses electromagnetic radiation to cook food and boil fluids. In fact, microwaves have become an integral part of our kitchen. 

The technology of microwaves is primarily used in telecommunications and radar, but it has also entered every home because of the usage of microwaves to warm food and beverages quickly.

Microwave ovens produce electromagnetic waves with wavelengths between 0.001 and 0.03 meters which a human eye cannot see. They also emit radiation at a frequency of roughly 2,450 megahertz.

Microwaves heat food by being exposed to a high-frequency electromagnetic field. Water, sugar, and a few other molecules absorb the microwaves, resulting in heat production through vibrations. Thus, the heating takes place inside the meal rather than warming the air around it.

Why Don’t Hotel Rooms Have Microwaves?

Why some hotel rooms don’t have microwaves may be a mystery to you. Here are the primary causes, which are listed below:

1. Not a standard amenity:

The microwave takes up a lot of room; therefore, modern hotels don’t consider it as a standard amenity. For those who didn’t use a microwave, installing a microwave in every room would be a bit more expensive for every visitor. 

Generally, a standard amenity in a hotel includes the following- Mini-fridge, Clothing Iron, Room Service, Pool, Breakfast, etc.

2. Type of Hotel:

The hotels can be divided into groups based on their size, level of service, location, etc., which impacts a microwave’s availability. Let’s understand these categories of hotels.

Size of the hotel:

Hotels with up to 200 rooms are considered small hotels, whereas those with up to 700 rooms are considered large hotels. Some mega hotels are operating around the world with more than 700 rooms. Usually, big reputed hotels have microwaves, but it’s better to confirm it from them.

Level of service:

World-class, mid-range, and economy service are the three levels of hotel service. Generally, a world-class and mid-range service includes high-quality artwork and every necessity which attracts the customer, while economy service includes the basic necessity of an individual.


Hotels located at different locations like Airport hotels, City centers, Resorts, and Motels have different criteria regarding the availability of microwaves. Hotels close to airports are usually luxurious and may include microwaves, although the hotels in cities do not.

2. Additional Cost: 

Eating appliances consume much more energy than any other appliances, and that’s why energy cost is a major factor that hotels have to keep in mind before installing a microwave in every room. 

It is expensive to install and operate a microwave in every room as it requires regular cleaning. It will not be beneficial for those customers who don’t use microwaves, and its price would rise every night.

3. Type of room: 

Suite rooms are far more expensive than standard rooms because of a greater level of comfort and luxury.

Standard rooms lack the facility of microwaves and other appliances as they are comparatively cheaper. If a traveler wants to use a microwave, then hotels have separate spaces, mostly in the food court or the breakfast area. 

On the other hand, a suite room has amenities like an iron, a refrigerator, a coffee maker, and microwaves, making it a better value for the money.

4. Allergic Reactions:

Some hotels have strictly prohibited the usage of microwaves as it triggers allergic reactions to certain people. 

That’s why microwaves are not used in hotels due to allergic reasons.

5. Acquires space:

Hotels need to create space for microwaves in order to have the benefits from it. Hotels want to provide guests with what they need in just one place and don’t want customers to go out. Modern-day hotels have also started providing the facility of refrigerators too.

Can I request a microwave at a hotel?

The majority of hotels don’t have installed microwaves, but you can ask for one in advance, even if one isn’t listed as a room amenity. Some hotels can provide microwaves for free, and some might charge for it. 

It is always better to inquire about the availability of microwaves before checking in a hotel.

Not only a microwave but these services may also not be provided by your hotel for free:

  • Pillow
  • Books
  • Cookies
  • Soap
  • Notepads
  • Portable refrigerator
  • Polythene Bags
  • A yoga mat
  • Water Bottles
  • Carpool
  • Travel Journal
  • Clothes Bags


People frequently assume that microwaves can be found in hotel rooms since they are helpful for heating meals, but this isn’t the case.

I hope after reading this article; now you know why; if you have any queries or suggestions related to this article, feel free to let me know in the comment section below.