The Best 700 Watt Microwave

If you have a small family, you probably won’t need a large microwave that uses a lot of power. The 700-watt microwave is ideal to reheat pizza and other food with adequate power plus; it also fits quite well in any corner.

This type of microwave should be compact, energy-efficient, and easy to use. The microwave with 700 watts of cooking power is competent enough to handle the basic requirements on a limited budget.

In this article, I have rounded up some of the best 700-watt microwave, to solve your problems of microwaving your foods effectively and conveniently.

List of Top 700 Watt Microwave

Amazon Basics Microwave

There is no other 700-watt microwave that is smart like Amazon Basics Microwave. The microwave gives you the ability to control or operate the microwave with Alexa, using echo device.

The Major characteristic that makes this microwave suitable for small space and for serving a few people is the 700 Watts of Power and the 0.7 Cu. Ft capacity.

With this microwave, All you need to do is just say” Alexa” and see the magic happening.

Besides being smart, the microwave also offers all the basic functions, i.e., it features a child safety lock, 10 power levels for different types of food, and a kitchen timer.

The best 700 watts microwave makes it easier to reheat foods, make popcorn, etc. All you have to do is just speak and get the optimum result.

COMFEE 700 Watt Countertop Microwave

For all those who prefer one-touch express cooking with compact size than the COMFEE’ EM720CPL-PMB Countertop Microwave is the right choice for you.

The 700 watt microwave is designed with a convenient interface and sleek look with a stainless steel finish and bright interior lights so you can clearly see what’s going on the inside.

Of course, the 700 watts of power and the 0.7 cubic-foot capacity make this compact microwave and ideal for any kitchen.

With a One-touch express cooking function, you also get 11 power level settings, a mute function to make the microwave quiet and turn off all the beep noises.

For further convenience, you also get a bright, easy-to-read display and a child safety lock.

BLACK+DECKER Digital Microwave

The BLACK DECKER 700 watt microwave is the go-to option for anyone who wants a push-button for opening the door rather than a classic handle.

The microwave performs great while handling the daily task of defrosting and reheating. It also features some pre-programmed options for popcorn, frozen vegetable, pizza, etc.

You get 10 power settings to set the temperature for different meals alongside a 30-second Express cooking function.

With 700 watts of cooking power, it can serve you effectively, and the capacity of 0.7 Cu.ft will be enough to cook food for 2 or 3 persons.

The material used in this microwave is stainless steel which lengthens its lifespan and also enables easy cleaning, and the glass turntable included is removable, meaning you can easily clean the microwave interior.

COMFEE’ Retro Countertop Microwave Oven

The 700-watt COMFEE’ Retro Countertop Microwave Oven has all the features that one may need in a microwave. The first and foremost is the 0.7 cu. ft. capacity which takes very little space in compact areas.

You also get an option to turn off the sound or irritating beep noises just by pressing the mute button.

Moreover, it includes a Position Memory Turntable which comes back to the initial place every time after cooking, so it will be easier for you to grab your food.

The 10 power levels give you the ability to choose from different power levels for various foods and meals. Defrosting is convenient with this microwave; you can either select defrosting by weight or by time.

With the Eco-Mode, the power consumption can be reduced up to 50%, which is another benefit of this microwave.

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Galanz GLCMKA07RDR-07 Microwave

The Galanz Microwave Oven, with its compact size and minimal design, is a perfect choice for your cooking needs. The microwave is ideal for anyone who wants to have a dial control or a knob to set the time and temperature.

The 700 watt microwave allows users to choose from 6 variable power levels for different types of foods.

The design of this microwave is Classic Aesthetic and Retro; hence it compliments any compact space very well.

You can get a clear picture of the food inside the microwave with the bright interior lights. Also, the big LED display improves the overall experience by showing everything clearly.

An Eco-Mode is also included in this microwave to help you save energy and also the electricity bills.

Nostalgia  700-Watt Countertop Microwave

The Nostalgia RMO7AQ Retro Countertop Microwave comes with 700 watts of cooking power. It can serve all your needs without any problem whatsoever.

A dial control provides convenience to the users as they can get the desired result by turning the dial. You get an express cooking function so you can get the best cooking result possible and 12 pre-programmed settings for a variety of foods.

Defrosting is extreme for this microwave, and the 0.7 Cubic Feet is more than enough for your cooking requirements. The compact size will fit in little space easily.

The food gets evenly cooked with the help of rotating glass carousels so you can get the most out of your food.

GE Appliances GE Countertop Microwave

The GE Countertop 700 watt Microwave will cook your food evenly with the rotating turntable and will fulfill all the requirements that you may need in a microwave.

With quick and easy controls, you can operate the microwave very conveniently without any confusion at all.

What’s more interesting is it offers an Auto and time defrost function by using which you can program the defrost power level either automatic or manual.

The 0.7 cu. ft. capacity can serve you with maximum efficiency. So, reheating and cooking foods is easy and convenient with this microwave.

Danby 700 Watts Microwave

The Danby 700 Watts Countertop Microwave with 0.7 Cu.Ft. of capacity offers 10 Power Levels alongside 6 convenient cooking functions providing one-touch control for some popular foods.

The microwave enhances kitchen experience with the express cooking option to quickly reheating your meals and getting the desired results.

An auto defrost option is also there that you can use to defrost something either by time or by weight, improving the overall experience.

The LED display allows users to monitor the cooking time and temperature. So all in all this compact 700 watt microwave can be a suitable choice for your home kitchen.

How big is 700 watt microwave?

The average size of a 700 watt microwave is 0.7 cubic feet, while the usual dimensions are dimensions ‎12.75 x 17.31 x 10.19 inches, this sometimes may vary depending upon the model.

The 700 watt microwaves are neither too big nor too small (as there are also microwaves with 0.6 cubic feet of size) nevertheless, I would say that 700-watt microwaves have a decent size and are ideal for small kitchens.

Is a 700 watt microwave good?

It depends like if you are living alone in a small compartment, or you only need a microwave for basic cooking then, a best 700 watt microwave is the ideal option.

However, if you are cooking for more than one or two-person and also want to prepare complex meals quickly which require higher power then a 700 watt is not a good option.

Higher wattage microwaves cook food faster because they produce more power. So, if you are looking for a microwave of a small size to perform regular tasks, like reheating, defrosting, and basic cooking, then you can go for these microwaves without any problem.


So to conclude, the above-mentioned best 700 watt microwave ovens are the most reliable ones that you can get right now.

You don’t need anything of higher watts than this, especially if you are living in an apartment with limited space.

So, I hope after reading this article you have a definitive idea about which microwave will be suitable for you according to your current requirements.