Does it matter if turntable in the microwave doesn’t spin

You must have seen most microwaves with a turntable, but does that mean it is necessary or just for show. So, if your microwave is without a turntable or the turntable has somehow stopped working.

Then this question is bound to come to your mind – is it safe to use a microwave without a turntable? or does it matter if the microwave doesn’t spin?

Technically it is completely fine to use a microwave without a turntable or if the turntable is not working. As the main function of the glass turntable is just to ensure that the food is evenly cooked by rotating it. So if your microwave isn’t spinning, you can still use it, and if you think there is uneven cooking, then I would recommend you manually turn or stir the food while cooking.

In this article, you will find all the information about cooking food in a microwave without a turntable or with a defective turntable.

Can You Use a Microwave without a turntable?

There used to be a time when microwaves don’t consist of a turntable; they used to be completely flat from the inside and still work fine while cooking any food.

So the answer to this question would be –

Yes, you can use a microwave that doesn’t have a turntable; it will be completely safe. However, you may sometimes find that the food is cooked more from one angle than other. It is because the turn is not turned automatically to all sides.

Hence I will say you certainly can use a microwave without a turntable as long as you manually rotate the food to be evenly cooked without any problem.

What is the function of a glass turntable in a microwave

A glass turntable is used in a microwave for the only one main purposes – to stir and turn the food while cooking.

This is done so that the food can be cooked as evenly as possible and prevent any hot spots or cold spots where some parts of food can burn while the other parts will remain uncooked.

There are microwaves coming from a magnetron inside the microwave. Hence a turntable always ensures an even or equal distribution of heat waves between the cavity wall.

However, that doesn’t mean you will always get unwanted results while using a microwave with a broken turntable: instead, you can manually turn the food during different intervals while cooking.

So, in short, it’s not a big deal if the turntable in your microwave isn’t spin or your microwave doesn’t have a turntable.

Here is a list of the top microwave without a turntable

Benefits of Having No Turntable in Microwave

I have talked about what is the purpose or function of a turntable in a microwave and why it’s beneficial.

Yet, if your microwave has no turntable or removable turntable, there are many advantages to this –

  • The first advantage of not having a turntable in the microwave is that the microwave can be easily cleaned. As there is nothing inside that can hinder your actions while cleaning the interior.
  • The second benefit is fast cooking; if there is no turntable in the microwave, the actual distance between the food and the microwave surface is less, resulting in faster healing of meals.
  • You get extra space inside the microwave if there is no turntable. The turntable takes additional space, which otherwise could be used for cooking extra food or large dishes.

Can you eat food from a microwave that doesn’t rotate?

There is nothing wrong if you eat food from a microwave without a turntable, you can surely eat the food, it’s completely safe.

I know you might think that there may be some harmful rays of radiation inside the microwave that could affect your health. But that is not true.

Electromagnetic waves inside the microwave heat the water inside any food, and all that turntable does is make sure every angle of food receives heat waves for even cooking.

So there is no harm in eating food from a microwave that doesn’t spin or rotate as long as the food is properly cooked.

In fact, most of the commercial microwaves don’t actually have a turntable, as in commercial cooking, there requires extra space and fast cooking in a microwave. So you can say that yes, it’s okay to eat food if the microwave doesn’t spin.

Is the turntable in microwaves really necessary?

In a microwave, a turntable is not really needed. In fact, some people prefer their microwaves without turntables. It is indeed possible to prepare foods in microwaves without a ‌turntable.

The turntable provides additional support to ensure that the food is evenly heated. In other words, the microwave would still work as usual without the turntable, and the result would be almost the same.
Though having a glass plate inside the microwave is no bad, it will only ensure extra care for the food being cooked by making it evenly warm.

Different types and shapes of food require you to turn them around to be properly cooked; hence having a microwave with a turntable will come in handy.


In this article, I have talked about whether the turntable in the microwave is necessary or not and also about the benefits and disadvantages of having no turntable in your microwave.

I hope now all your query regarding the turntable in the microwave has been cleared.

In short, it doesn’t matter if the microwave is spinning or not; the food would still be cooked in the microwave and will also be completely safe to eat.

The only thing that the turntable does is to make sure that the food is uniformly heated.

I hope this was helpful for you!