8 Most Expensive Microwave Models in 2022

expensive microwave

In general, the more pricey something is, the more features it offers, the longer it lasts, and the more value it adds to your life. The same applies to the most expensive microwave units as well, and if you are searching for them then you are at the right place. In this post, you’ll find … Read more

Why do microwave ovens rust? Causes and how to avoid it!

why do microwave ovens rust

It is true that microwaves are handy and convenient appliances in every kitchen. They make cooking easy and convenient. But, like other metals, the metal surface in the microwave oven can get rusted.  Now, let’s discuss the reasons which cause rusting. A microwave oven may rust for a variety of reasons. The first reason is … Read more

Can you microwave pottery?

can you microwave pottery

Before putting anything into the microwave, most people want to know if it’s microwave-safe or not.  Pottery is one of the many things that people are not sure about. So, can you microwave pottery? Read on to find out. Most pottery in the market today is microwave safe. The pottery which has non-toxic or lead-free … Read more

Can you microwave onions

can you microwave onions

With all the puzzlement about whether something can be microwaved or not the question – can you microwave onions is not something new. So what’s the answer? Yes, you can microwave the onions. Though if you are looking to make onions crispy then it might not be the best idea as microwaving an onion will … Read more