Is Luminarc Microwave-Safe

can you microwave luminarc

Luminarc is known for its tough and durable products. There is a wide range of luminarc products available and hence it’s normal to have a question like – is luminarc microwave safe? Yes, luminarc is completely microwave safe. The luminaire is nonporous and is made from specially tempered glass that is resistant to heat, thermal … Read more

Can You Microwave Wood? Find Out Here!

can you microwave wood

Today we have a wide range of microwave-safe utensils, including plastics, ceramics, etc. The curiosity to learn if there is any kind of wooden bowl or dish that you can microwave. So if you have been also asking Is Wood Microwave-Safe Then this article is for you – No wood is not microwave safe, and … Read more

Can You Microwave Pyrex? Explained!

Can you microwave pyrex

Most people use Pyrex containers for microwaving food, reheating leftovers, or cooking. Yet some questions like- Can You Microwave Pyrex lids, Pyrex glassware, etc still arise in the mind of many and it’s normal after hearing rumors like Pyrex jar, lids could break, crack, etc. I’ve heard many of such rumors and people are not … Read more

Is Porcelain Microwave Safe

is porcelain microwave safe

If you’ve got porcelain cookware or a container then you probably have asked this – is porcelain is safe to use in the microwave. There are a number of rumors circulating on the internet that say you can’t use them while others say you can. So I am here to debunk these myths and tell … Read more