Left Handed Microwave: Is it Really a Thing!

Left Handed Microwaves

Regular microwaves are not the most convenient appliance for lefties. If you are looking for a countertop microwave that opens left to right then chances are that you probably won’t find one, I know it’s SAD! But it is the truth. Keep reading to know Why! So what’s the solution for this? Well, you can … Read more

Microwave with Legs: For Better Ventilation

Best Microwave with Legs

The microwave and base surface should have some distance between them in order for microwave to get better ventilation and also to avoid the microwaves and base getting scratched. That is when the microwave with legs comes into play. Yet only a few microwaves come with legs hence finding and choosing one that suits your … Read more

Microwaves With Large Display

Microwave with Large Display

Most microwaves come with a tiny display which is fine for most people, but for some people like senior citizens, or someone with low eyesight having a large display is a must in a microwave. Luckily there are microwaves that fulfill this requirement. Yet choosing one can be overwhelming as options to choose from are … Read more