Microwave with Alexa – For Smart & Convenient Cooking

Having a microwave that is compatible with Alexa can be a great addition to your kitchen and can give you the ability to operate the microwave without touching the buttons or turn a dial.

It’s possible to perform almost any cooking function on your microwave with a simple voice command.

Furthermore, the voice commands can be performed by anyone from anywhere in the house using an Alexa-enabled device.

In this article, I have compiled a list of the best microwaves with Alexa so you can save some time while finding a suitable one for your smart kitchen.

Best Microwaves with Alexa

These are the top-rated Alexa microwaves that will assist you in your cooking work and make things easier.

Toshiba Smart Countertop Microwave with Alexa

Best Overall Alexa Microwave

alexa enabled microwave

The Toshiba ML-EM34P(SS) Smart Countertop Microwave comes with Alexa integrated, making it a really smart and convenient appliance that can add value to your kitchen.

You can simply operate the microwave using voice commands via the echo dot device.

Furthermore, it has a Built-in Humidity Sensor to automatically adjust the power levels for different foods by deducting the humidity present inside the microwave.

With 1100 watts of cooking power, the microwave can perfectly cook the food evenly with ease, so you don’t have to worry about undercooked meals.

You have the option to turn off the sound of the microwave to make it quiet, which can be extremely helpful if you don’t want to wake anyone up while cooking.

The material used to build the microwave is stainless steel, which makes it a durable and reliable choice for any kitchen.

As far as size goes, the microwave is 1.3 Cu Ft, meaning you can prepare food for your whole family in one go.

It features 23 preset menus for some common foods, so you can prepare them instantly without doing any guesswork whatsoever.

Last but not least, you can save about half of the power consumed by the microwave by using ECO mode, which will also reduce your electricity bills.

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Amazon Basics Alexa Microwave

Best Budget Microwave with Alexa

alexa microwave

When it comes to the best Alexa microwaves, no other brands can compete with the Amazon microwave itself.

The Amazon Basics Microwave can work with Alexa like a charm, in fact, it’s one of few microwaves that come in an affordable budget offering this functionality.

If you are looking for the best cheap microwave it might be the perfect choice for you.

Being a compact microwave with 0.7 Cu. Ft capacity and with the power consumption of 700 watts, this low wattage microwave is perfect for small kitchens.

As this microwave can work with Alexa, you don’t really need to press any keys to do the cooking, all you have to do is just speak to Alexa.

You can easily defrost the frozen foods and cook your favorite dishes just by either pressing the “Ask Alexa” button or by manually

It comes with 10 power levels, so you can easily set the temperature for cooking different types of foods.

With a child safety lock, the microwave enables you to lock it and prevent children from using it without your supervision.

Furthermore, the turntable is also there, so the food gets cooked evenly without any cold spots.

In summary, I would say this budget-friendly microwave with Alexa including other advanced features can be a great addition to your kitchen and can make your cooking effortless.

Amazon Smart Oven

Best Advance Smart Alexa Microwave

microwave with alexa

If you want a microwave packed with versatile features and is also compatible with Alexa, then Amazon Smart Microwave Oven might be the right choice for you.

You can have complete control over cooking using voice commands with the help of the Echo-Dot device.

This microwave can be used as a food warmer, air fryer, and convection oven, making it a more feature-rich and dynamic microwave.

You can use this microwave with Alexa, along with that the microwave comes with Scan-to-Cook Technology which adds further convenience while cooking.

Using this technology you can easily cook some foods by scanning their packages with the Alexa app and boom there you go the microwave will prepare it for you.

As I said earlier the microwave offers so many convenient and smart functions, you get more than 30 built-in presets, so you can prepare food in an instant without any guesswork.

With the size and capacity of 1.5 cu ft, you can easily cook food for your entire family, indicating the microwave is large enough for medium to heavy cooking tasks.

Hence, if you are looking to buy a microwave that works with Alexa, has all the advanced features, and can offer versatile cooking options, this microwave is the ideal choice.

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GE Smart Countertop Microwave Oven

alexa compatible microwave

The stainless steel GE microwave with Alexa comes with so many modern features that you could not count on fingers.

Being a smart microwave, it comes with a WiFi-Connect option, and you can conveniently use it via voice commands from any corner of your house.

You just have to say “Alexa microwave for 5 minutes” and it will microwave your food as per your instructions.

The auto cook alongside auto defrost can make your life as well as cooking hassle-free as now you don’t really have to guess anymore, the microwave will do these tasks automatically.

Also, the stainless steel body can be easily cleaned with just a damp cloth.
With 0.9 cubic feet of microwave capacity, this microwave can easily prepare meals for your small family.

While ‎the 900 watts of cooking power is there to make sure that foods are prepared with optimum heat and are cooked evenly.

Moreover, you have the Scan-To-Cook Technology available in this microwave, using which you can simply scan the barcode on the food package and the microwave will automatically cook it for you.

For defrosting you have two options available, one is auto defrost and another one is time defrost which makes the microwave more convenient and premium.

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Sharp Smart Microwave

microwave that works with alexa

The Sharp Smart Countertop Microwave Oven is Alexa enabled, so you can use it with Amazon Alexa App or an Echo Dot device and operate the microwave with your voice commands to enjoy effortless cooking.

With over 70 Voice commands, you can choose one according to your preference and the cooking will be done as you speak.

For instance, to reheat the food just say “Alexa reheat the dinner plate” as that’s all.

With 1000 Watts of power, the microwave can do all the cooking work without any complaints.

As far as the capacity is concerned, the microwave comes with 1.4 Cubic Feet of extra-large capacity.

Meaning, you can prepare food for your entire family in one go. Also, the 6 preset menus make it easy, quick, and error-free to prepare the most popular foods.

Furthermore, the microwave includes a White LED Display, so you can clearly check the remaining cooking time.

For chocolate, butter, and ice creams the microwave has the Melt/Soften Feature which makes it more convenient for you to deal with these dishes.

The sensor cooking functions are there in the microwave that automatically adjust cooking time and power levels based on the contents of your meal.

In short, I would say for modern, this eye-catching microwave is indeed a great choice.

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How to set up Alexa microwave

If you’ve bought a brand new Alexa microwave but are now struggling with the step-up of the microwave with Alexa, then this guide is just for you.

In this detailed guide, I will be showing you exactly how you can set up or connect your microwave with Alexa.

Connecting microwave with Alexa –

In order to connect the microwave with Alexa, you must possess both an Echo device and a microwave that supports Alexa as not all microwaves support this functionality.

Steps to Connect the Amazon Smart Microwave with Alexa –

  • Firstly, you need to download the Amazon Alexa App for your device.
  • Turn the microwave ON after you plug it into a power outlet.
  • Turn on location services and Wi-Fi on your phone.
  • It is important to connect your Echo Device and the microwave using the same WiFi network.
  • In the Alexa App, click the More option in the lower right-hand corner.
  • Find an option called Add Devices, and then select Microwave.
  • The final step is to select the microwave with its correct name.

With that done, you have successfully connected the microwave with Alexa, and you can now easily access all the advanced features and options.

The Bottom Line –

In this article, I’ve tried to give you a quick overview of the best Alexa-enabled microwaves.

In order to create this list of microwaves, I researched for hours and read thousands of reviews from actual buyers to figure out which microwaves are actually worth investing in.

I hope that by the end of this article you now have the information about Alexa microwaves that you were seeking.