Can you microwave onions

With all the puzzlement about whether something can be microwaved or not the question – can you microwave onions is not something new.

So what’s the answer?

Yes, you can microwave the onions. Though if you are looking to make onions crispy then it might not be the best idea as microwaving an onion will make it soft and lose some of its flavors. But if you want to make soft sautéing Onions if it is something you like, then you can do that by cutting the top and bottom of the onion and adding a bit of butter on top, then microwave it in a microwave-safe dish for a few minutes on optimum heat. There you go!

Can onions be cooked in the microwave?

Onions can indeed be cooked in a microwave, even though they have minerals like iron, magnesium which can of course cause sparks inside the microwave, but if you apply butter onto the onion then such kind of arcing won’t take place.

As the microwaves won’t be able to reach the onion surface directly it will prevent any sparks from flying around and the onion will be cooked nice and soft without any problem.

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What happens when you microwave an onion?

Well, that entirely depends upon how you are trying to microwave an onion-like if you microwave raw onions directly without applying any oil or butter then for sure you will notice sparking and arcing in the microwave.

Whereas if you have applied oil and butter then nothing will happen except sautéing Onions.

Why do onions spark in the microwave?

Sparks basically occur when any food that contains a high amount of minerals like iron and others is put inside the microwave.

These minerals reflect the rays of the microwaves which then cause arcing.

Onions in this case satisfy this condition as they do contain these minerals which cause them to spark when microwaved in raw form.


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