Best 7 Low Wattage Microwave

A low-watt microwave is an ideal choice if you don’t want your current microwave to use so much energy or if you need a small microwave for personal use.

In this blog, I list some low-wattage microwave ovens that are energy-efficient and help you save money on heating bills and electricity.

So let’s get into this!

List of Best Small Low Wattage Microwave –

An excellent low wattage microwave would be the one that consumes between 600 and 900 watts and not more.

Below are some smaller microwaves with relatively low power consumption that can be conveniently stored in campervans, and small kitchens.

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Best Overall Low Watt Microwave – Commercial Chef Microwave

If you are looking for a small and straightforward microwave with low wattage, then the Commercial Chef Countertop Microwave is perfect for you.

The microwave doesn’t contain any bells and whistles and is relatively straightforward.

Compact in size yet powerful enough to meet all your cooking needs, it has rotary dial controls so you can set the time and temperature quickly and accurately, making it incredibly easy to use.

This microwave oven features a 6-cubic-foot cooking area, adequate for a small family or camping trip.

When you cook and reheat food using a 600-watt power output, you don’t have to use as much electricity.

A variety of defrosting options are available with the Speed and Weight features, making it an efficient and versatile appliance.

A versatile set of six power levels will allow you to prepare a variety of dishes.
You can open and close the microwave door with ease by grasping the easy-to-grasp handle door.

In summary, I would say this is the best wattage microwave for a small kitchen on an affordable budget.

AmazonBasics Low Watt Microwave

AmazonBasics products are known for high quality and affordable prices. It is no different with this microwave.

AmazonBasics microwaves feature beautiful, sleek designs that enhance any kitchen decor.

This microwave combines small dimensions with a decent amount of power, making it an excellent choice for dorm rooms and apartments.

In terms of capacity, it has 0.7 cubic feet, which is more than adequate to cater to the needs of a small family.

You can reheat leftovers or cook dinner in no time using the low wattage microwave’s 700 watts of cooking power.

Your guests will always be served regardless of how busy you are with an AmazonBasics microwave.

How! Well, because it features Alexa, you can tell it to microwave your food with your voice, which saves you time and effort.

Moreover, it comes with 10 power levels so that you can create many different meals.
Also, with a child safety lock, you can walk away knowing the children are safe.

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BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 Digital Microwave

If you’re looking for a convenient microwave that uses less power and is perfect for your family, you’re in the right place!

BLACK+DECKER’s 700-Watt microwave uses the latest technology to cook your food to your liking.

This appliance has 0.7 cu. Ft of capacity, making it the perfect choice for a couple staying together or a single person.

A push-button door opens easily without you needing to exert any force.

In addition, its large LED display allows you to view the time and temperature of your food easily.

This microwave oven is loaded with 10 power settings and an express cooking option that can cook anything from coffee to a whole chicken in 30 seconds.

Its removable glass turntable ensures even heating of food and can be easily cleaned.

The microwave comes equipped with a child safety lock to prevent children from tampering with it. It prevents curious little hands from interfering with the cooking process.

Further, the microwave is equipped with a light that illuminates the interior of the cooking area so you can clearly see how the food is being cooked.

COMFEE’ EM720CPL-PM Countertop Microwave Oven

Cooking needs can be satisfied with the multiple cooking functions offered by the COMFEE microwave.

This microwave is ideal for small spaces since its capacity is 0.7 cu ft, sufficient for one person or a family of two.

It also offers you the mute feature so that you can turn off the beeps and make the microwave quiet.

The built-in ECO mode turns the show off when the display is not used to reduce energy use.

Additionally, it’s equipped with 700 watts of cooking power, making it an ideal low wattage microwave.

You can use One-Touch cooking to prepare up to six different foods with just a push of a button.

Moreover, it has eleven automatic cooking options so you can make different meals each day.

Cleanup is a breeze with the removable turntable. At the same time, the child safety lock prevents unsupervised use of the microwave by children.

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Best Low-Wattage Countertop Microwave – Nostalgia RMO7AQ Retro Microwave

A busy person can find cooking challenging, but with 12 pre-programmed settings, you’ll always have a meal on the table in no time!

Low-wattage microwaves like the Retro Nostalgia are perfect for this purpose.

From a visual perspective, it gives any kitchen a retro feel.

It’s 700 Watts; make sure that every part of the food is thoroughly cooked without leaving any part underdone.

Its 0.7 CuFt capacity is a small microwave with low wattage that takes up less space, so it is perfect for small kitchens.

Choosing and customizing microwave options is easier than ever with the Simple program dial.

Thanks to the easy-to-clean interior, any mess that occurs can simply be cleaned away with a damp cloth.

This device has a delayed timer, which is perfect when you don’t want to begin cooking your food immediately.

Additionally, it offers auto cooking for common foods, such as popcorn, pizza, beverages, etc.

This compact low-watt microwave can do everything from defrosting and heating up to rewarming and slow cooking.

Nostalgia Low Wattage Microwave

Nostalgia retro microwave lets you prepare your favorite foods retro-style.

A stainless steel door handle, along with chrome panel accents, gives this microwave a charming look.

With a 0.9 cubic foot capacity, a low wattage microwave is an excellent option for cooking for the whole family!

With its 12 pre-programmed cooking settings, including reheat, bake, pizza, beverage, and cook, you are sure to find the best option for your needs.

As it is 0.9 Cu ft., it is a decent size microwave that is suitable for a medium-sized family.

With the one-touch express cooking function, you can use the microwave oven easily for dinner with your family, parties, etc.

Further, it offers five levels of power for preparing different dishes.

Moreover, the dial control knobs are on the front, so you can easily adjust the cooking times and settings.

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Farberware Microwave

No matter whether you’re heating up coffee or cooking a meal for the whole family, the Farberware Microwave is a must-have for any kitchen.

This microwave has 900 watts of cooking power, which is enough to handle heavy cooking tasks.

As it’s made of Stainless Steel, you can be assured of the product’s durability and reliability.

This microwave oven is an excellent choice for medium to large families due to its 0.9 cubic foot capacity for cooking a decent quantity of food.

Additionally, it provides one-touch button cooking options for six common types of food, allowing it to adjust cook times and power levels automatically.

Furthermore, it offers 10 power levels that make it easy to handle different cooking tasks and multi-stage cooking so that you can adjust each stage to your preferences.

It is equipped with a child safety lock to prevent unattended operation so that children won’t mess with it.

Quick, simple, and enjoyable, cooking becomes fast, fun, and hassle-free with Express-Cooking and 30-sec features.

According to my honest opinion, it is the perfect low-wattage microwave for a family of three to four people, and it is definitely worth your money.