Is Porcelain Microwave Safe

If you’ve got porcelain cookware or a container then you probably have asked this – is porcelain is safe to use in the microwave.

There are a number of rumors circulating on the internet that say you can’t use them while others say you can.

So I am here to debunk these myths and tell you whether a porcelain plate or dinnerware is safe for microwaving food.

Porcelain is generally microwave safe since it is heated at high temperatures when made, which removes all the water molecules from it, which makes porcelain is microwavable. However, if it has any sort of decoration, such as metallic decorations, etc., then, in that case, it may create a problem as the porcelain with metallic pieces or other decoration, in general, could release pollutants if microwaved also it can cause sparking inside the microwave, or even worse it can lead to a fire hazard.

So the answer is yes you can microwave porcelain, but not the porcelain with metallic surfaces or declarations, I would also suggest avoiding any porcelain that has a decoration or unglazed, uneven surface.

Keep on reading to find more about microwave-safe porcelain and how you can determine if it really can be used in the microwave or not.

How to know if porcelain is microwave safe or not?

In general, porcelain is microwave safe.

The best way to determine if porcelain is microwave safe or not would be to read the label, as this information is generally written on it. Also when you buy the actual porcelain cookware or container, in general, you could ask the seller if it’s microwave safe or not, he will be able to provide you the quickest and correct answer.

These are the two main things that you can do to determine if a particular porcelain set is microwave safe or not.

Moreover, you can try to check if the porcelain cookware is unglazed or there are any decorations on the porcelain or not because if it has that generally means you can’t put them in the microwave.

Whereas plain porcelain set is normally microwave-safe considering they have been properly glazed, and didn’t have an uneven body surface.

To put it to a test try putting the porcelain plate or container in the microwave for brief periods to check if it get’s “really” hot or not, because if it does get too hot then that means you can’t microwave it.

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Are porcelain mugs microwavable?

If you read above I have already given you the answer, i.e., if a porcelain mug’s labels say that it is microwave safe then sure you can use it inside the microwave.

Otherwise, try to avoid doing anything like that as it may actually break your mug if you try putting it inside the microwave.

Are porcelain plates microwavable?

If the label of the porcelain says it then yes you can sure put it inside the microwave, otherwise avoid it.

I have seen many chefs and restaurants putting porcelain plates, mugs, and other containers in the microwave without any issue, and mostly it’s completely fine to do so.

The problem here is only with decorated cookware as you can’t tell which metals or if any metal is used in the decoration at all or not.

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What porcelain cookware should not be microwaved?

As we have already discussed that any porcelain that many any kind of decoration should not microwave, but what else should you be careful with?

Well, if a porcelain container or anything, in general, has an uneven surface like a thin surface on one corner or handle holes on the edges then you should be careful with that, as not all the time but sometimes those porcelain sets could break when microwaved for a prolonged time.

Final Words!

In a nutshell, in this article, I have discussed about microwave safe porcelain cookware and also how you could tell whether a piece of porcelain is microwave safe or not.

For a quick summary avoid putting porcelain with decoration in the microwave, rest in most cases porcelain cookware, plates, and mugs could be microwaved without any problem.

Also, if you have any questions just leave comments below for other people to answer and it will help other people as well.


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