Is It Safe To Use A Microwave That Has Peeling Paint Inside

When a microwave is not maintained well with the passage of time and regular usage, microwaves often begin to face the issue of peeling paint from the inside.

When this happens, one question is bound to raise, i.e., Is It Safe To Use A Microwave That Has Peeling Paint Inside. Different people have different opinions on the same. But in this post, you’ll exactly know what’s the answer.

The Short and reasonable answer is No, it is not safe and also not recommended to use a microwave that has peeling paint inside. The reason is that there is a risk of a major fire hazard and contamination of food if the peeled paint gets in the food while cooking.

While some people still think it’s okay to use the microwave if there is minor peeling of paint, implying it is not hanging out to an alarming extent that it may cause any issue.

Still, I would suggest it’s always better to be on the safer side. If you see microwave paint peeling off, then don’t try to use it right away; instead, immediately remove the peeling paint using sandpaper so while cooking, it won’t fall in your food.

After removing peeling paint, either paint the inside or cavity walls of the microwave or buy a new one. If you are interested to know about Can you paint the inside of a microwave? Then read this article!

What is the reason for the peeling of paint inside a microwave?

If you are thinking – Why is the paint peeling in my microwave. This is a no-brainer that every appliance has a lifespan.

You could not expect microwaves to be working for decades without any issues. The same goes for the peeling of paint inside the microwave; with time and continued usage, the peel fells off.

The real reason behind the peeling paint inside the microwave is the spilling and splatter of food in the microwave, which results in the formulation of hot spots.

These are the areas or places where food splatter accumulates and hardens with time. Due to which the hot spots get warmer than the rest of the inside area of the microwave, ultimately resulting in deterioration paint inside the microwave cavity walls.

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Microwave with Peeling Paint Inside?

As I mentioned earlier in this post, the peeled paint inside the microwave poses many dangers. One of them is the risk of fire hazard, as the paint inside a microwave prevents arcing and sparking while cooking the food.

While it’s peeled off, there are high chances of sparking inside that also can take a form of a major fire hazard in certain circumstances. Besides the fire risk, there is also a risk of paint flaking off in your food while you microwave it.

Suppose you unintentionally consume food with a fraction of peeled paint in it. In that case, it can cause serious concerns for your health. Hence you should not use the microwave that has peeling paint inside. As it can not only harm your health but will also cause damage to your appliance in the long run.

Is It Safe To Use A Microwave That Has Peeling Paint?

It’s certainly not safe to use a microwave with peeling paint, as it can contaminate the food by flaking off in it, which poses a danger to health alongside there is also a great risk of fire occurrence.

It is always recommended to not use the microwave if it poses anything like peeling paint. To be safe from such a situation, you should either re-paint the microwave’s inner walls or look for a better option to buy in the market.

It is advisable to use the microwave with a smooth and clean interior without peeling paint and arcing issues. To avoid any type of incident that may occur if you use a microwave with peeling paint. Also Read: Why do Microwaves get hot on outside

How To Stop Peeling of Paint inside a Microwave

Though peeling of paint inside the microwave is almost inevitable due to food splatters and the creation of hot spots on the cavity wall.

There are some measures that you can take to stop the paint from peeling. Ways to Prevent A Microwave From Peeling Paint and rust

Cleaning –

Undoubtedly, cleaning the interior cavity wall of the microwave is the best way to avoid the peeling paint inside the microwave.

The main reason for peeling paint is the hot spots that get created due to the accumulation of food splatters. Regular and proper cleaning can help you to prevent both peeling paints as well as rust.

To clean the microwave, you can check this guide on DIY cleaning of the microwaves with household items quickly and easily using baking soda and vinegar.

There is something else that you can do besides cleaning, i.e., painting the cavity wall to lengthen the life span of the microwave and also to prevent and stop the peeling of paint.

Re-Paint the Cavity Wall –

It is also recommended to paint the cavity wall of the microwave with appliance paint or microwave paint that can be found on amazon and general stores.

Before applying the paint, make sure to clean the microwave thoroughly from the inside using a damp cloth so no debris and rust remain inside, because if there will be rust present, then even after re-painting, there is a high chance of peeling paint, so make sure to clean it properly.

When you are sure that the interior walls are cleaned, and the microwave is unplugged, then apply the paint carefully on the cavity wall. You could either use a paintbrush to paint or a paint spray for the purpose of painting. The spray will definitely make this process quick and hassle-free, but it’s your preference what you want to use.

After applying the paint, wait for 8-10 hours till the paint dries out; until then, don’t use the microwave. When all things are done and the color is completely dry, you can use the microwave.


In this article, I’ve covered all about peeling paint inside the microwave. How it occurs, the measures to avoid it, and it Safe or not.

So, I hope now you understand why it is not safe to use a microwave with Peeling Paint Inside. You can follow all the steps to prevent paint from peeling and stop it as soon as you find this happening inside your microwave.