How to Set or Change Clock time on microwaves: Quick Easy Steps

Mostly after a power outage, or when you buy a new microwave you are often faced with an issue or an obstacle I would say!

And that is setting the clock to show the correct time. Well, no need to panic.

In the post, I have listed some of the most common microwaves and the correct way you can set or change their time and clock settings.

So without wasting any more time lest’ dive right in!

How to Set Clock on Samsung Microwave

If you are unable to set the clock on your Samsung microwave as you don’t see any clock button there, then you are in the right place.

Here I will show you step by step how you can do it.

So just follow the below steps to change the time in Samsung microwave –

1. Press and hold the clock button for 3 seconds ( you can find it somewhere near the bottom or refer to the image )How to Set Clock on Samsung Microwave

2. You will hear a beep, now enter the time you want to set for example if you want to set time to 4:25 then press 425. This will change the microwave time.

3. After that again press the clock button for choosing between A.M and P.M, now to switch between am and pm press the clock button again.

4. When you have set the correct time and AM OR PM, then for the final step press the start button.

5. That’s all now the clock has been successfully set up.

How to set the clock on Amazon Microwave

How to Change the time on the Amazon Basics microwave?

Are you struggling to set the correct time on your Amazon basics microwave or want to change the clock on your microwave?

1. Then just follow the below instructions to do so –

2. Long press and hold 5 for 3-4 seconds. After pressing this, you will hear a beep sound.

3. Now set the correct time or change it as you wish by pressing the number keys. Let’s say you want to set it to 11:00 so press 1100 then press the start button and that’s all.

4. After doing the above steps you can successfully change the time in your Amazon Basics microwave.

How to set time on Sunbeam Microwave ( Clock Issues Resolved! )

How to Change time on Sunbeam Microwave?

If you are struggling to find your way through changing the time setting in your microwave & have a question like How do I reset the clock on my Sunbeam microwave?

Then worry not I have got your back!

You’ll find that when you follow the manual instructions to change the Time on your sunbeam microwave clock, eventually it runs into the same issue again.

Follow the below steps in order to fix the clock issue on Sunbeam Microwave:

1. Press and hold the clock button until you see Hr 12 Displayed on the clock.

2. Now set the time you’d like for example to set it to 09:30 you have to press 0930, and then press the clock button again.

3. That ‘it now it won’t automatically change back to the previous time.