Griddle or Grill? Which is better for a RV?

RVs have large space and are very convenient for long-term travel. Many people live in a RV. 

RV life can be thrilling and refreshing. But a major decision that has to be made is whether to get a RV griddle or a grill to make cooking easier.

This article will discuss which would be more suitable for your RV life.

RV griddles – Overview

A Griddle has a closed, rectangular-shaped flat surface generally placed on a stove. It is like a frying pan and cooks almost every dish you desire. 

It can be used to cook breakfast dishes like eggs, toast, and pancakes. Not just that, it can also cook almost all foods that can be cooked on a grill like a steak, pork chops, and even burgers and sausages. 

Advantages –

There are plenty of advantages to getting a RV griddle. 

1. A major advantage is the variety of food that you can cook on a griddle. From breakfast to dinner, you can cook almost everything.

Breakfast food like scrambled eggs, french toast, and pancakes are made with ease on a griddle. But not just that, a griddle can cook steaks, chicken, fish, pork chops, and much more. Do you want a burger? You can cook one on a griddle. 

2. Cleaning a griddle is simple, quick, and effortless. You need no particular product to clean your griddle. It can be cleaned in a few minutes with water and dish soap. Just make sure to clean it while it’s hot as it would be much easier to clean it. 

3. It is easy to use and manage a griddle. While traveling, you need cooking equipment that can be used effortlessly. That is why a griddle can be a better option for you.

4. The compact design of a griddle makes it desirable for a RV. You can get a design that is the most suitable for your RV. Griddles come in different sizes for different purposes.

5. A griddle uses less heat to cook the food than a grill. A grill needs a higher temperature than a griddle. So if you’re using a griddle, less heat would be released. High temperatures inside a closed RV can cause inconvenience.

6. Buying a griddle might be cheaper than buying a grill. But it is to be kept in mind that the price will differ according to the chosen model. 

Disadvantages – 

1. Getting a RV griddle is not necessarily a cheaper alternative. Many griddles are heavier in weight and cost a lot. It can go outside your budget. 

2. While using a new griddle, it is recommended to always season the surface before using it.

3. Seasoning means making a thin layer of oil before cooking to protect the griddle’s surface. Seasoning it for every use can be a bit tiring. 

4. It must be cleaned after every use as the residue can stick to its surface and cause damage. 

5. If you do not use the griddle for a long period, it can rust. 

RV Grill – Overview 

A grill has metal grates placed at a distance from each other. Its surface is open, and there is direct contact between the flames and the food you’re cooking on it. 

We all know that the brown color marks on the food after grilling adds to the taste and flavor of the food.

The smell of that freshly grilled food makes us hungrier. Steak, hotdogs, shrimp, chicken, and ribs are some of the foods that you can cook on your grill and enjoy. 


Let’s talk about what a RV grill has to offer. 

1. There is no denying that many people love that traditional and flavoury food cooked on a grill. A grill gives the food a brownish texture that many people enjoy and prefer. So if you love that smokey smell and taste, you can get a RV grill. 

2. The enhanced taste is another advantage. Grilled food is definitely very delicious. Especially meat cooked on a grill is flavorsome and yummy. 

3. The classic grill marks on food make the food more appealing and appetizing. 

4. Cleaning a RV grill is a hassle-free task. It doesn’t need much time or effort if cleaned after every use. 

5. Storing a grill wouldn’t be a problem. You can get a decent-sized grill according to the space available in your RV. 


1. The biggest con of using a RV grill is that you cannot cook breakfast items like eggs or pancakes. Foods with runny batter can’t be cooked on a grill. So to cook these dishes, you might have to carry extra cooking equipment, which could take up unnecessary space in your RV. 

2. A grill requires a lot of heat. It cooks at a high temperature which can cause discomfort as RV is a closed space. 

3. A grill requires cleaning after each use. Small portions of food can burn off and get stuck on the metal grates. Removing them can be a task. You might even require special cleaning equipment for a grill. 

Which is the better option?

We have mentioned all the pros and cons of both a RV griddle and a RV grill. Choosing one would depend mostly on one’s needs and preferences. 

If you love the flavourful food cooked directly on flames, you can go for a RV grill. 

 ARV griddle has the edge over a RV grill as it is versatile in nature. It can cook almost all kinds of foods and doesn’t require any other equipment. 

A RV has limited space, so no one would want extra equipment. In the case of a RV grill, you might have to carry a griddle as well if you want to cook foods that can’t be cooked on a grill. 

A griddle can be more apt for RV life. 

Not everyone would favor this opinion, and it’s absolutely fine. Both types of kitchen equipment have their own benefits. You can choose which one you think would be better for you. 


In a nutshell, I would go with a RV griddle rather than a grill cause I think a griddle is completely worth it for RV life at least for me, you might think differently and have different needs and that’s okay!

To summarize in this post I have discussed whether Griddles are better for RV or is it Grills, I have also provided you with the pros and cons of both griddles and grills. 

If you own a RV, then I hope after reading this article that choosing the right option would have become easier for you.

RV griddle is a versatile appliance that can be used in almost all types of RVs. It can cook anything from scrambled eggs to steaks, chicken, fish, and much more.


The Difference Between a Grill and Griddle –

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