Best Mini & Portable Microwave For Car

If you are a guy who spends most of the time in a car, on a long road trip, or camping, then you might find yourself eating in your car more often than not. Then, a portable microwave for car is a must-have gadget you should get.

However, if you are looking for the best car microwave, it can be an overwhelming task as there are so many options out there.

Therefore, in order for you to help you make an informed choice, I have compiled a list of the top portable microwaves for cars.

So let’s dive right in!

List of Top Portable Microwave For Cars

Here is a list of the top mini microwave for cars.

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Commercial Chef Microwave

car microwave

In a car, there is simply no room for a normal microwave you have to have a compact model.

That is why the Commercial Chef Small Microwave is such a great choice as it is one of the smallest models on the market.

Furthermore, it comes with 0.6 cubic feet of capacity, which means that it can easily be used for making meals for one or two individuals.

In the car you would have limited power hence with only 600 watts of power, this low wattage microwave is perfect.

You have Six cooking levels available in this portable microwave, allowing you to prepare a variety of meals with a limited power supply.

Another thing I like the most is that upon completion of the timer, it automatically shuts off, so you do not have to worry about turning it off.

The mechanical dials make it convenient to accurately set out the time and temperature without having you hunt around with buttons.

Simply turn the dial to the time you want, and the microwave will do the rest for you.

It comes with a removable glass turntable that is dishwasher safe for your convenience.

The microwave comes with a Grip handle which makes it easy for you to open and close the door without any problem.

COMFEE Portable Microwave for Car

mini microwave for car

COMFEE Compact Microwave can be a great addition to your journey. It has a compact size means it can easily fit into your vehicle.

With a capacity of 0.7cu.ft, the microwave can easily prepare meals for a solo person with ease and is also ideal for college dorm.

While the 700 watts of cooking power allows it to use less energy which is exactly what you would expect from a car microwave.

It features an auto-cook function that lets you prepare some common foods like pizza, potato, etc. with just a press of a button.

The 11 power levels give you the flexibility to prepare different types of foods with ease.

For further convenience, it offers a large LED digital display to allow users to clearly view the cooking time.

Also, you have the Mute function in the microwave, which silences the beep noises while cooking.

It has a power-saving eco mode that you can use to minimize 50% of standby power, which I think is pretty fantastic.

It also comes with a One-touch express cooking function which only needs you to press the button and the microwave will do the rest for you! This microwave will reheat, defrost, and cook for you.

There are two modes of defrosting: one is weight-based, the other is timing-based.

It includes child safety lock features which make this microwave safer for your children.

Its easy-to-read control panel and bright interior lights make it convenient to use.

Koolatron 12V Heating Lunch Box for car

small car microwave

The Koolatron KoolKube 12V Classic Heating Lunch Box Car Warmer is specially designed to keep your lunch and food fresh and warm.

The Koolatron 12V Classic Car Heating Lunch Box Stove is compact, portable, is great for those who want to keep food hot when traveling.

It is not really a microwave, but an alternative to a mini microwave for car using which you can make hot meals.

With a 1.6QT capacity, this portable heater works great for family road trips, hunting and fishing trips, and camping trips

It is the ideal companion for your off-road adventures.

Carry it with you, plug it into most 12V power sources, and enjoy your food warm and ready to eat.

Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, it is perfect for holidays and can also be used in your home.

Turn your car into a mobile diner with this handy heating lunchbox.

Hot Logic Portable Personal Mini car Oven

portable microwave for car

Make the most of your time when you’re on the go with the HOT LOGIC Personal Mini Oven.

It’s a portable way to heat your personal food. The HOT LOGIC Personal Mini Oven uses the latest in energy-efficient heating technology to ensure your hot meals and snacks are ready when you are.

It heats up the food to edible temperatures, and it can be used as a primary or supplementary heat source.

The Hot Logic unit is designed to cook foods evenly and at lower temperatures, with no risk of burning or boiling over.

Its portable size and stylish, heat-resistant exterior make it an ideal meal solution for the beach, the park, a tailgate party, or even a picnic in the backyard.

The HOT LOGIC Personal Mini Oven has a decent capacity making it ideal for you to use inside a car.

It’s ideal for cooking soups, stews, sides, snacks, desserts, and even main dishes. The Hot Logic unit is easy to use and clean, just by using a damp cloth.

Portable Oven, 12V Car Food Warmer Portable Personal Mini Oven Electric Heated Lunch Box

microwave for cars

The Portable Oven, 12V Car Food Warmer, Electric Heated Lunch Box is just like a microwave that is simple to use and compact.

The Portable Oven, Car Food Warmer, Electric Heated Lunch Box is a non-traditional but smart way to stay on the move and have fresh warm food.

It is designed to work with any 12 Volt car outlet. It can be easily plugged into a 12 Volt power outlet to keep food warm and delicious.

In some cases, simply reheating the food is sufficient for lunch on the go. There are times when you need to cook your food at your destination.

The food warmer can be used for both purposes.

As it automatically regulates the temperature, it is not necessary for you to check it constantly to make sure the food is cooked, not cooked, or overcooked.

With this portable food warmer, you can carry it in three ways: grasping it in your hands; carrying it as a shoulder bag, or hanging it on your backpack straps.

Can you use a microwave in the car?

Microwave inside a car

Can you plug a microwave into a car? Typically, campers ask this question and the answer is yes. You can use a microwave in your car by plugging it into the 12v lighter power outlet. Click here to know more!

It is not recommended to make meals in the car, but you may use the microwave for warming up cold or hot drinks and some foods.

Wondering about Warming Up Food with Your Car!

Can I warm up food with a portable microwave? This is the question that many people ask before embarking on a long road trip.

After all, there’s nothing better than enjoying that piping-hot plate of lasagna at the end of what has been an exhausting day on the road.

Make sure to operate the microwave in the car cautiously: Here is the proper procedure to use a microwave in the car safely.

  1. The first step is to make sure that the car is off and not moving.
  2. You need to make sure that the car is parked in a safe place.
  3. Now the important thing is that you need to make sure that the car is very well ventilated.

How to Run a Microwave in your Car?

You can run Microwave inside your car. You have to purchase a small inverter and it will be wired to the battery of the car.

It will then convert the DC in the car battery to AC using the inverter. This AC power can be used to supply power to the Microwave.

Make sure that the battery is fine and strong enough to run the Microwave for the entire duration of use.

You can follow the below-detailed instructions for successfully running a microwave in your car –

1. First of all when you purchase the Microwave make sure that the car inverter can handle the power consumption of that Microwave.

2. Get a good quality car inverter from a reliable online store. The inverter should be rated at least 3 times more than the wattage of that Microwave to provide a safety margin.

3. Now wire the car inverter to the battery of your car using high gauge cables and proper connections so that there is no voltage drop or any kind of electrical leakages in it.

4. Now connect the Microwave with the car inverter and plug it in. It will work fine if you can run it from the outlet at home, then why not do it in your car also.

So now you can run the microwave in the car whenever necessary so that the food taste does not get affected and remain warm throughout the journey.

Conclusion –

In this detailed guide about the best portable microwave for car, I have mentioned some of the top picks that have a compact design and can help you to reheat your food easily.

For a quick summary, I have mentioned some important information you need to know before using the microwave in a car like how you can connect a microwave with a car inverter, etc.

Hope this guide will be helpful for you to select the microwave that will satisfy all your requirements.