Can You Put Things On Top Of The Microwave? Find Out!

Sometimes you need to store things in a small kitchen, but you do not have enough space. BOOM! Suddenly a dazzling thought comes to your mind, i. e, hmm! What if I put some of the items on the top of the microwave.

But instead of going on with the flow, you’ve made a smart decision to research about – Can You Put Things On Top Of The Microwave?

Basically, yes, you can certainly put things on the top of the microwave, as long as the item is not super heavy that may break the microwave, and if you are removing whatever you’d placed on top while using the microwave.

If you do these two things, you’ll be just fine with putting whatever you like. Still, it’s not a good idea to put something on top, but if you wish, then you can.

Keep on reading this article to find out about putting items on top of the microwave-

Why you shouldn’t keep the thing on the microwave while it’s ON

So, now let’s understand why you need to keep things off the microwave while using it and what items are not intended to be placed on top of the microwave.

As you probably know, microwaves generate a huge amount of heat. The top and the outside surface of the microwave also get hot.

Most of the microwaves have ventilation either on top or on their side, or sometimes both.

Putting something on top can hinder the airflow, and the microwave may get overheat that can reduce its lifespan.

Another reason to not put items on the top of the microwave while it’s ON is that some things let’s say, plastic objects, can melt and get stuck to the surface.

The manufacturers don’t recommend putting anything on top of the microwave as certain risks are involved; they likewise suggest not placing any item even when the microwave is turned off.

Can you put stuff on top of your microwave?

Is it okay to put things on top of my microwave –

Though it wouldn’t be smart to put stuff on top of your microwave as the area is supposed to be free from any impediment for airflow, the microwave needs ventilation.

Yet you can still put stuff on top of the microwave. Still, it depends on what actually that stuff is and only if you are taking it off while using the microwave and giving the microwave some time to cool down before putting that stuff again on top.

So, in short, you can put stuff on top of your microwave if it’s turned off, and also you are sure that the item can not damage the microwave in any way like it’s not something extremely heavy, etc.

What kind of stuff you can and can’t put on top of the microwave

Some of you might want to know what are the items that can be put on top of the microwave. I would say that you can put almost everything except heavy and liquid items.

So what are the things that you should not put on the microwave-

Heavy items –

As they may damage the microwave. If you put something very heavy on the microwave, then the microwave may get bent or even broke as it’s is not designed to withstand much weight.

Liquid items –

As there is a risk of spilling liquids. Make sure you do not put something fluid in nature as there is a chance while opening the microwave door, the liquid on top may spill and cause a mess.

Even worst can happen if the liquid gets into the microwave electrical circuit, then it can damage the whole appliance.

Plants –

Plants need fresh air, and it’s not a good idea to put them on or near the microwave. There is no harm to microwaves if you put the plant on top of it, but heat is bad for the plant’s health.

Toaster or other Appliance –

Other kitchen appliances like a toaster, for example, should not be placed on top of the microwave as they emit heat and can cause issues to the microwave in the long run.

Note: Also, make sure to remove the item you had put on the microwave before turning it ON.

Related Questions

Can you put a fruit bowl on top of a microwave?

Yes, you can put a fruit bowl near or on top of a microwave when it’s turned OFF. However, if it’s ON, then chances are that the fruits will get heated from the outside heat and will rotten much quicker.

Although if you are removing the bowl of fruits while operating the microwave, it will be just fine. You can again put the bowl on top or near the microwave when it gets cool after some time.

Why you should not put any heavy object on top of the microwave

There are a couple of reasons why you should not put heavy things on the microwave. Number one is that heavy items can leave a bump on the flat surface on top of the microwave and even break it.

Other than that, if that heavy object somehow falls down, it may cause serious injuries to you as well as the other appliances.

Furthermore, if due to placing a heavyweight item on the microwave, the door can start malfunctioning, resulting in the escape of heat waves from the inside, which is definitely not a good thing.


After reading through this article, I hope you must have thoroughly understood what you can and can’t put on top of the microwave.

In short, you can put things on the microwave but make sure to keep all the stuff off from the top of the microwave while using it.

Avoid the putting items mentioned above as they can damage the microwave and can cause damage to your microwave.

So as a wise person, you should never put anything on top of the microwave while it’s turned on, as some hidden risks are involved.