Can You Microwave Pyrex? Explained!

Most people use Pyrex containers for microwaving food, reheating leftovers, or cooking.

Yet some questions like- Can You Microwave Pyrex lids, Pyrex glassware, etc still arise in the mind of many and it’s normal after hearing rumors like Pyrex jar, lids could break, crack, etc.

I’ve heard many of such rumors and people are not too sure about the true meaning of it and so I decided to write this article to clear all the doubts and misconceptions that still exist in people’s minds.

So what’s the answer? The short answer is,

Yes, Pyrex glassware are microwave safe and it’s completely safe to use Pyrex with a lid for reheating or cooking food in the microwave. Pyrex can easily withstand high heat and most of the Pyrex dishes are labeled stating they are microwave safe. Still what you would want to avoid is thermal shocks as it can be a problem while microwaving Pyrex. Keep on reading to know more about it!

Is Pyrex safe in the microwave?

Yes, Pyrex glassware is safe in the microwave at all times. Many people use Pyrex for cooking and reheating food items and it’s totally safe. In fact, the manufacturers state that you can use pyrex in ovens as well as microwaves.

But here is a caveat,

Being a glassware pyrex could break if it goes through intense temperature change in a short period of time. Like if you take a pyrex container off the fridge and then place it inside the microwave (without letting it get warm naturally or in the microwave at low temperature), then the sudden change from cold temp to hot temperature could lead the pyrex glassware to crack or even explode.

Can You Microwave Cold Pyrex?

If you are thinking about microwaving a cold pyrex then it is a big “No”. Doing so will result in pyrex glass getting shattered into pieces due to thermal shock.

Can You Microwave Pyrex Lids?

Pyrex lids are BPA-free and microwave safe according to the manufacturers and can be microwaved. They are designed to withstand microwave heat to avoid any food splatters inside the microwave.

Also, pyrex fulfills the FDA Standards so you should be good with microwaving the lid.

Though some people over the internet have said that the pyrex lids get melted etc. well I think that could happen if you are overcooking or not monitoring the cooking process. 

A pyrex lid is ultimately plastic, no matter how durable or heat resistant it is you should not just put it in the microwave and forget about it, rather you should be observing it to check everything is fine.

In general, you are completely fine with putting a pyrex lid in the microwave, it will resist the microwave heat to a great extent, but avoid exposing it to extremely high heat just to be on the safer side.

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Why did some Pyrex dishes explode in the microwave?

Some pyrex dishes explode in the microwave because of thermal shock. It is when an object is suddenly exposed to a temperature it isn’t used to facing too quickly, which causes it to react violently.

If you put frozen food directly onto pyrex glass for microwaving it on high heat without even defrosting then the sudden change in temperature may lead to cracking of pyrex or exploding of pyrex dishes.

No matter how strong or durable pyrex is, sudden temperature changes cause it to stress, due to which the pyrex bowl, or containers contract and expand resulting in its fracturing.

Can Pyrex dishes explode?

As discussed earlier Pyrex dishes could actually explode if exposed to thermal shock, though most people have gotten away with it, still not a good idea.

Yes, pyre dishes are heat resistant, but the same does not apply when a sudden change in temperature occurs. So you should avoid doing any such practice if you were doing it before.

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How to avoid Pyrex dishes from exploding in the microwave?

There are a couple of things you can do to ensure that the pyrex dish does not explode.

  1. Don’t expose the pyrex dish to sudden temperature change.
  2. Always place microwave-safe lids on top of pyrex glassware, but don’t seal it too tightly just make sure the lid is properly placed on top and only half-sealed to let steam out. 
  3. If you are cooking dry food in pyrex glass inside the microwave, add some water to it, so microwaves can heat the water molecules and cook the food.
  4. Also when you put the pyrex in the microwave make sure to increase the heat level gradually and not too quickly so the glassware doesn’t break.
  5. The last and the most important one is, allow the pyrex dish or glassware to reach room temperature before placing it in the microwave.

For the regular reheating purpose the pyrex lids could be used inside the microwave to avoid splattering of foods.

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What type of pyrex should you avoid using in the microwave?

A general rule of thumb is you should not use pyrex glassware that is either cracked or fractured even a little bit, as there is a high chance that those could break at any time while used inside the microwave.

Also if a pyrex dish is too cold then it should not be used in the microwave too quickly as it may shatter, rather first it should be allowed to get warm to the room temperature and then only be used inside the microwave.

Wrapping up!

So I hope after reading this article you now have a general idea about using pyrex glassware in the microwave and how to ensure that it doesn’t break due to quick temperature changes.

In a nutshell, yes you can use the pyrex glassware in the microwave along with the lid as both are heat resistant and can withstand microwave heat without breaking or melting (in the case of lids).

If you have any questions comment on them below, also read the other article, and share with your friends.


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