8 Best Retro Microwaves In 2022

The latest microwaves are indeed extremely powerful and come with plenty of features, but they still are no match for classic vintage-style retro microwaves as they have an unmatched look and feel that no other oven could provide.

My parents love vintage style microwaves, despite the fact that these are often of low wattage and usually take longer to cook the food.

Still, to get the feeling of going back in time and experiencing the classic vibes, there is nothing better than having a vintage microwave in your kitchen.

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So if you are the type of person who misses the good old days, or who enjoys cooking with nostalgia in mind, then this article will help you find the best retro microwave and learn all about the perks that come with owning one.

The Best 8 Retro Microwave for your Kitchen –

In this detailed list, you can find some of the most reliable and stylish vintage microwaves that will for sure bring back your old memories.

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COMFEE’ CM-M091AGN Best Retro Microwave

When it comes to the best retro looking microwave, nothing can really beat the COMFEE Microwave, in terms of both quality and price.

Amidst an eye cooling colour, and sleek design, this microwave can sure make your kitchen look retro and will give it an old school feeling.

What I like the most about this microwave is that despite being a retro looking microwave, it still offers you a decent capacity of 0.9 Cu. Ft, which is considered pretty big when talking about retro models.

Moreover, it features 900 watts of cooking power, and that too is considered significantly high as most of the retro microwaves range from 700-900 watts, hence it falls in the high-end category.

Also, the 900 watts of power is enough to cook the food at a decent if not fast phase.

Moving on to the functions, the microwave features 9 pre-set menus, so you can prepare your favorite meals in no time.

Additionally, you have the mute option, using which you can make this microwave quiet, while there is also an ECO-Mode which can save up your bills by saving the electricity.

Furthermore, the child safety lock is there to prevent any unsupervised usage by the children.

All in all, I would say coming with bright interior lights coupled with a stylish and easy-to-operate control panel, this microwave will be the best fit for any kitchen.

Galanz Vintage Microwave Oven

For those of you who prefer microwaves with strong eye-catching and vintage looks, the Galanz microwave might be a good fit.

Both of its colors i.e, red and blue are gorgeously eye-appealing and can make a huge difference on your kitchen countertop.

Concerning the cooking capacity, this retro microwave offers you an area of 0.7 Cu. Ft, which should be able to cater to the needs of a small family.

As far as power goes, this microwave comes with 700 watts of cooking power, again which is not too much, but it should be sufficient for preparing meals for 1 or 2 people.

Yet some people might feel that it is too small, but to be honest, that is not the case as most of the vintage-looking microwaves are manufactured as small units.

With the stylish look and design, this microwave offers you a sleek door handle that is extremely easy to grab and open the door.

Its bright interior lights allow you to easily check the progress of the cooking while the food is being cooked, so it can be made as perfect as possible.

Moreover, you get 6 variable power levels for preparing different types of foods quickly.

In summary, if you are on a tight budget then this small cheap retro microwave is a suitable option to be considered.

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Nostalgia RMO4AQ Retro Large Microwave

Nostalgia has established its name as one of the most reliable and trusted companies, especially when it comes to retro microwaves.

It goes without saying that Nostalgia RMO4AQ Retro Large Microwave gives you all the options that you may want with an old-school vintage look.

With the size of 0.9 Cu Ft, the vintage microwave has plenty of space for you to cook for your entire small family without any worries.

The decent 800 watts of cooking power is enough for cooking most types of foods in a reasonable time.

Moreover, you have the delay timer and the easy-to-read display, both of which add further convenience to the cooking experience.

Furthermore, it comes with a sleek chrome door handle which further enhances the overall beauty of this microwave alongside a classic control panel.

There are 12 pre-programmed cooking settings available in the microwave, making it easier for the user to quickly select one and prepare the desired meal without any guesswork.

The express cooking option is also there in the microwave, which you can use to speedily prepare the foods.

Last but not the least, the retro microwave includes a child safety lock to prevent naughty hands from operating the microwave.

WINIA Classic Microwave

There is no other microwave that comes with a subtle, smooth, and creamy retro look at a pretty reasonable price than the WINIA Retro Microwave.

In terms of style, the WINIA microwave can easily beat its competitors as it is specially designed to take you back to the old memories of your childhood.

You get 5 auto cook menus in this retro microwave, which makes it convenient for anyone to prepare certain kinds of foods without doing much guesswork.

The feature that I like the most is that it comes with a Zero ON energy-saving function which only uses the power the microwave is actually in use, otherwise it doesn’t consume any electricity that may not be required.

Being a classic compact microwave with the size or cooking capacity of 0.7 Cu. This microwave can fit in small areas, and can easily serve a small family.

For defrosting, the microwave lets you choose from the two options, i.e, defrost based either on the time or on the weight.

This microwave uses a Concave Reflex System in which the heats waves are delivered from above and below the food placed inside, allowing even and thorough cooking.

So there are no chances of any undercooking or cold spots.

Nostalgia RMO4RR Retro Red Microwave Oven

To bring back the old vibes and to make your kitchen look vintage again, this Nostalgia microwave can be an ideal choice.

Coming in a classy look with a sleek door handle and strong metallic red color, it possesses all the qualities of the best retro microwave.

It offers you the ample 800 watts of power that is sufficient to tackle most types of cooking tasks a small family could have in regular usage.

The 800 watt is ideal for basic cooking, reheating, and defrosting tasks.

The 12 pre-programmed cooking setting allows users to prepare the most common types of meals in a snap of a finger without needing to put in any extra effort, just simply select the desired option.

A big family might not like it, but for a small family, 0.9 cu ft of capacity is more than enough to cater to their daily cooking needs.

Moreover, for ease of use and additional convenience the microwave offers you the dial controls, so you can easily set the temperature and time just by rotating it.

A Glass turntable is also included in this microwave for providing even heat distribution and even optimum cooking results.

Furthermore, to enhance the overall look the microwave also offers you a big digital clock so you can clearly see the cooking time.

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ROVSUN 0.9 Cu.ft Retro Countertop Microwave Oven

The Rovsun microwave is designed with keeping safety and durability in mind and is ETL Certificated for the same.

With a perfect retro design, sleek door handle, and a very pleasant color shade, this microwave can easily compliment any kitchen.

It features 5 power levels for preparing different types of foods, meals, and beverages.

The microwave comes with 0.9 Cu. Ft of capacity, which is pretty good considering it is a retro looking microwave.

Moreover, it offers you 900 watts of cooking performance, so you can easily cope with regular day-to-day usage.

Additionally, it has some advanced features, for example, the 8 auto cooking menus, which allow you to quickly select from some common meals like fish, popcorn, etc.

For those of you who prefer simplicity and love traditional mechanical dials in a microwave, this microwave is for sure the go-to option.

It includes turn dial knobs which makes it super convenient and easy to operate by everyone or even visually impaired people.

To see how the food is being cooked inside, you have a stylish viewing window.

Furthermore, you can find a child safety lock in this retro microwave, which can be used to prevent children from using it when you are not around.

Nostalgia MCMO9FTSG Mid-Century Retro

The Nostalgia MCMO9FTS is another microwave inspired by a mid-century retro accent look that can bring vintage vibes to your kitchen.

Its classic design with a turn dial and premium-looking Buttons make it look more classy and make it stand out from the crowd.

Enough about looks now let me tell you about the features that this little microwave has to offer.

It comes with a capacity of 0.9 Cu. Ft, that is perfect for a small family, meaning you can easily cook food for your whole family at once.

Also, the microwave includes 8 pre-programmed cooking settings using which you can easily prepare your favorite meals without doing any guesswork, and trust me the results are too good.

If we talk about the performance aspect then it offers 900 watts of cooking power which should be sufficient to tackle all your regular needs of reheating, cooking as well as defrosting.

The rotating glass carousel is also there to make sure that the food is getting heated evenly and there remain no undercooked areas.

While the navigation is made extremely easy and simple all thanks to the turn dial controls and the LED Display situated on the control panel in front.

Nostalgia Old School vintage Microwave

The Nostalgia RMOD7IVY is perfect for small kitchens as well as dorm rooms, so if you are looking for a compact microwave, this might be a good fit.

The microwave also offers you a very subtle retro look and style that you can’t find anywhere else.

It comes with 0.7 Cu. Ft. of cooking capacity, which might not be the best, but still for a solo person or a couple it should be enough.

Moreover, in regard to power usage, it comes with 700 watts of cooking power, meaning you may find that it is taking a bit longer to cook the food as compared to other regular microwaves.

What I like the most in this retro accent microwave is the convenient and easy-to-use operation in the form of turn dial controls.

You have two separate dial knobs, one to set the temperature and the other one to set the timing for cooking or reheating the meals.

For even heat distribution and cooking as well, the microwave includes a rotating turntable to make sure you get the optimum cooking results every time you cook something.

At last, I will just say one thing that if you love Ivory color and want a decent small retro microwave at a cheap price this microwave is the right choice.

What is a Retro Microwave?

Retro microwaves are basically vintage looking microwaves and are often called old school microwave ovens, or classic traditional microwaves. They are typically old-fashioned in style, but can still be found in new condition.

They’re also less expensive than standard microwave ovens and do not include any type of bells and whistles, rather feature only basic functions with a simplified control panel.

Vintage Microwave

These types of microwaves most commonly come in white, green, black, red, cream, and blue colors with matching knobs and chrome handles. They often have the words “Retro” or “Vintage” stamped on the door or on the back to distinguish them from standard microwaves.

They are designed to look like the microwaves our parents used to own when they were young, and that’s the reason for their popularity to both younger and old age groups.

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These microwaves have been a big hit because of the way they look, i.e, stylish.

Difference between a retro accent microwave and a Standard Microwave?

The aspects in which retro microwaves are different from regular microwaves are mentioned below –

  • The outer appearance of retro microwaves is not similar to regular microwaves, but the interior is often the same.
  • They also have small round knobs for selecting the level of temperature as well as for setting the time, rather than the modern touch buttons.
  • The maximum size of these microwaves is usually smaller than that of standard microwaves. You can find the big size of standard microwaves, while a typical retro microwave generally ranges anywhere between 0.7 Cu. Ft. to 0.9 Cu. Ft.
  • Another thing that is different in both types of microwaves is that vintage microwaves are usually of low wattage, while the standard microwaves can be of higher wattage.

Where can I get a Retro Microwave?

The retro microwaves are available to almost all online shopping platforms be it Amazon, Walmart, etc., if you are lucky then you can also find them at your nearby local appliance shop.

The reason for this is that they have become quite popular in recent years when everyone is attracted towards nice and vintage-looking appliances, be it microwaves or something else.

What is the best Retro Microwave?

There are certain brands that are well known specifically to manufacture retro-style microwaves and these are Daewoo, Nostalgia, and Comfee.

You can go for any microwaves from these brands but to precisely answer this the best retro microwaves are Galanz, Nostalgia RMO4AQ, and Comfee microwave.

Conclusion –

To sum up, I’ve provided a thorough overview of all aspects of retro microwaves in a simple-to-understand manner.

Furthermore, I’ve included a comparison between all the major brands of microwaves, also illustrating the differences between them and regular ones, as well as why they’re so popular nowadays.

Also, I have listed the top retro microwaves that are available out there in the market.

I hope this would be helpful to you if you are interested in getting one of these cool-looking vintage microwaves for yourself and live the retro accent vibes.

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